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Hario V60 Filter aus Kupfer Copper Dripper 02
Hario V60 Filter aus Kupfer Copper Dripper
Hario V60 Filter aus Kupfer Copper Dripper 02 mit Kessel

Hario V60 copper filter Copper Dripper 02, VDPC-02CP

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Hario V60 Copper Dripper - copper hand filter, size 02

    The V60 Copper series made of copper has excellent thermal conductivity. Copper conducts and distributes heat evenly, which benefits this V60 series. Due to the antibacterial properties of copper, it is often used for kitchen appliances.


      • Model: Hario V60 Copper Dripper, VDPC-02CP
      • Funnel material: copper, nickel-plated on the inside
      • Material surface: permanent baked-on coating
      • Handle material: brass
      • Capacity: 1 - 4 cups
      • Weight: 212 g
      • Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 135 x 125 x 110 mm
      • Country of manufacture: Japan
      • Scope of delivery: hand filter, measuring spoon

      Suitable for: Hario V60 copper kettle