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Hario Filterpapier V60 Gr. 02 Box
Hario Filterpapier V60 Gr. 02, 100 Stück / Misarashi Box (Japan) - VCF-02-100MK
Hario Filterpapier V60 Gr. 02 Misarashi Box CF-02-100MK
Hario Filterpapier V60 Gr. 02 Misarashi Box CF-02-100MK

Hario filter paper V60 Gr. 02, 100 pieces / Misarashi Box (Japan) - VCF-02-100MK

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Hario filter paper V60 02, 100 pieces of filter paper in a Misarashi box for 1-4 cups (Japan) - VCF-02-40W

A box contains 100 paper filters for the Hario V60 series. The filters are compatible with Type 02 (1-4 cups). They are made from 100% oxygen bleached paper pulp. Original - Made in Japan.
    • Matching paper filters for all Hario V60 hand filters

    • Flavourless filter paper

    • 100 Hario paper filters

    • Japan Import

    • VCF-02-100MK

    • also available in size 01 and size 02 in a pack of 100

    What are the three advantages of the Hario V60 Dripper?

    The cone shape

    There are two different shapes of handheld coffee filters: the "classic" trapezoidal (ship-like) and the conical like the Hario V60. Being in the shape of a cone allows the filter to form more layers of ground coffee towards the bottom than a conventional porcelain filter, which has a flatter surface and is therefore not as high. This allows the hot water flowing down through the grounds in a cone-shaped dripper to remain in contact with the coffee grounds for longer, gaining optimal extraction of flavor and aromatic components from the coffee.

    The spiral ribs

    The spiral ribs ensure proper expansion of the coffee grounds after the coffee has been soaked in the water. A thin layer of air is created between the paper filter and the dripper. The spiral "ribs" thus prevent the paper from sticking to the hand coffee filter. By allowing enough air to pass through, the coffee grounds can expand appropriately and smooth extraction can happen.

    The flow opening

    The opening for the water to flow through forms - in contrast to conventional porcelain filters, which have several small ones at the bottom - in the Hario V60 Dripper. The tip of the paper filter protrudes through this opening. This allows the hot water to flow through unrestricted and create an extraction similar to a fabric filter.

    Technical details

    • Material: oxygen bleached paper
    • Suitable for: Hario V60 porcelain filter 02
    • Contents: 100 paper filters
    • Manufacturer: Hario
    • Manufacturer item code: VCF-02-100MK