Cafiza Espressomaschinen-Reinigungstabletten Cleaning Tablets E46, 100x3,6g
GHS07 Gefahren-Piktogramm

Cafiza espresso machine cleaner Cleaning Tablets E46, 100x3.6g

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Cafiza espresso machine cleaner Cleaning Tablets E46 - 100x3.6 g

With the Cafiza cleaning tablets, large WMF espresso machines can be cleaned in no time at all. Thanks to the tablet format, a simple and controlled dosing of the detergent is possible.
  • Cleans large WMF espresso machines thoroughly
  • Easy dosing thanks to the tablet format, simply place in the dispensing chamber of an automatic espresso machine or in the group head of a conventional espresso machine
  • Glisted by the Organic Materials Review Institute
  • NSF certified for use in espresso machines
  • 100x3.6g
  • Safety Data Sheet: You can find the English version here.