Aeropress und Kaffeemühle Set
Aeropress Go für unterwegs
Aeropress Go
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Hario Skerton Plus Kaffeemühle
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AeroPress Go and Hario Skerton Plus coffee grinder - set

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AeroPress Go® coffee maker for on the go incl. 350 filters and Hario Skerton Plus coffee grinder in a set

AeroPress Go:

  • Delicious coffee everywhere: optimized for travel, camping, boating or just at work or in the home office.
  • Simple: smart design is easy to use and can be cleaned in seconds.
  • Good for Travel: Designed to give you good support when travelling, compact, lightweight and durable.
  • Excellent taste: never again hotel coffee.
  • Like the original Aero Press, the Aero Press Go brews coffee, espresso, and cold brew coffee that you can enjoy as is or in other energizing and refreshing combinations.

Hario Skerton Plus:
  • Technically revised version of Hario's proven top seller. With German language instructions.
  • Thanks to an improved and more stable bearing of the drive shaft of the grinder, it now runs more stably and delivers a more even result.
  • Japanese hand grinder for coffee with ceramic cone grinder.
  • Container with screw cap for storing ground coffee. All degrees of grinding adjustable. As soon as the desired degree of grinding has been found, you can fix it with a locking screw.
  • Ideal for up to four cups of coffee. Elegant, high-quality, Japanese design.
  • Capacity of the bean container: 70 g coffee
  • Capacity of the collection container: 100 g coffee powder

Scope of delivery

  • AeroPress Go
  • 350 filters
  • Filter holder
  • cup
  • Coffee spoon with markings
  • folding staff for stirring
  • lid
  • Hario Skerton Plus coffee grinder (MSCS-2DTB)