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Hario Wasserkocher mit Temperaturregler Buono Pro elektrisch

Hario kettle with temperature controller Buono Pro electric 0.8 l, EVT-80E

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Hario kettle made of stainless steel V60 Buono Drip Electric Power Kettle 0.8 l, EVT-80E

Upgrade your coffee preparation with the Buono Pro kettle with variable temperature settings from Hario. Combining the popular precision of Hario Buono kettles with the next-generation temperature precision that lets you set a target brewing temperature, this kettle is the perfect addition to the coffee lover's arsenal.

Two heating modes make this kettle perfect for all coffee fans who value both speed and precision. Cooking mode goes straight to cooking - plain and simple. In precision mode, you can set a specific temperature between 60 and 96 degrees to the degree. This accuracy eliminates water temperature as another unknown variable, allowing you to brew a more consistent and balanced coffee. You can also brew coffee at lower temperatures than normal, opening up a world of interesting recipes.

Once the target temperature is reached, the kettle's keep warm function can keep it up to 15 minutes. The stainless steel kettle has a convenient 800ml capacity. This main part sits atop the electronic base, which features a digital temperature display and is built to last.

Hario Buono Pro variable temperature kettle - Features

  • Classic Buono precision - Pour your water at the perfect speed and placement thanks to the gooseneck shape for a richer, more balanced taste.
  • Dual heating modes - Can be heated directly to cooking or to a specific set temperature of 60-96 degrees.
  • Keep Warm Function - Can keep the water at the set temperature for up to 15 minutes.
  • 800ml convenient capacity - Perfectly sized for even heavy coffee-loving homes.
  • Digital Display - Accurate temperature of your water displayed digitally for maximum speed and accuracy.


      • Model: Hario V60 Buono Pro, EVT-80E
      • Material: bowl made of stainless steel, lid knob and handle made of plastic
      • Capacity: 0.8 l
      • Weight: 1.48 kg
      • Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 296 x 225 x 185 mm
      • Country of manufacture: Japan
      • Scope of delivery: kettle, electric