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Collection: Project coffee Para Ela

The coffee beans for our Para Ela project coffee come from a micro lot in Brazil and were hand-picked exclusively by women as part of the Para Ela project. Para Ela, which translates to "For her", is a project to provide financial support to women in Campos Altos.

The coffee beans for this project coffee were then drum-roasted and packaged near Hamburg. The coffee inspires with a particularly aromatic, floral taste. Discover our exclusive project coffee Para Ela now and see for yourself.

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What is meant by "Honey Process"?

The "Honey Process" is one of the newer methods of coffee processing. The pulp and coffee beans are separated in a cylinder using centrifugal force. After that, only beans with parchment skin and a thin layer of mucilage remain. In this state, the coffee cherry is then sun-dried.

In this method, the term "honey" comes only from the soft, sticky pulp that sticks to the bean after the shell has been removed. Since the consistency is reminiscent of honey, this process is called the "Honey Process".

What is meant by "sun dried"?

In this process, also known as the "natural" process, the coffee cherries are placed in the sun for a certain period of time and turned regularly. The coffee cherries have dried properly when the pergaminos they contain can be peeled out without leaving any residue. This process gives the coffee beans a natural sweetness.

This method is often used for Robusta beans, but Arabica is also dried in Brazil and Ethiopia. After the harvest, the coffee cherries, which are as evenly ripe as possible, are spread out on concrete or paved drying areas.

What is a microlot coffee?

Microlots are small plantations, usually only a few hectares in size. In contrast to the large plantations, microlots only produce a few hundred kilograms of coffee per year.

Microlots are therefore often used to produce high-quality and exceptional coffee. Management and further processing is usually done by hand, so that the high quality of the coffee is guaranteed.