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Sibarist FAST Papierfilter für V60 Handfilter
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Sibarist FAST Cone paper filter M for V60 hand filter size 02 (1-4 cups), 100 pieces

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Sibarist Fast Cone filter paper M for V60 02 - FAST Specialty Coffee Filter - Made in Barcelona

The Sibarist FAST Cone provides increased extraction speed for your brews, allowing you to change the extraction variables previously defined for V60. The filter is designed to increase the extraction rate by 40%. In this way you can improve the desired characteristics of the coffee, get new aromas and cup profiles and further develop your coffee.

The Sibarist FAST Cone paper filter is made in Barcelona from 100% organic materials. It consists of cellulose fibers from European pine plantations and abaca fibers (Manila hemp). Sibarist has thus created a filter that has increased permeability and no paper taste.

  • Fits: The filter adapts to tapered commercial V60s with an open bottom.
  • Size: For 1-4 cups, Hario V60 corresponds to 02
  • Material: 100% sustainable - Made in Barcelona
  • 100 paper filters