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Puly Grind Hopper Cleaner, 200 ml

Puly Grind Hopper Cleaner Cleaner for coffee grinders 200 ml

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Puly Grind Hopper Cleaner, cleaner for coffee grinder bean hoppers, 200 ml

You can use the Puly Grind Hopper Cleaner to clean the bean hopper of your coffee grinder particularly gently. The cleaner is natural active ingredient and leaves no odor or residue. So you can use the bean container again after wiping it out without rinsing it out.

  • Cleans the inside and outside of coffee grinder funnels, stainless steel surfaces or chrome-plated coffee devices
  • Natural active substance
  • Leaves no odor or residue, no rinsing required after use
  • Simple application
  • 200ml