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HOUSE BLEND Kaffee Kaffeebeutel
HOUSE BLEND Kaffeemehl im Papierfilter
HOUSE BLEND Kaffee Etikett

HOUSE BLEND coffee - Medium strength, slightly acidic, chocolaty

CAPTN Coffee
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Our House Blend filter coffee consists of 100% Arabica beans and combines the countries of origin Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia into a full-bodied and medium-strong coffee enjoyment.

  • Roasting

[coffee roasting]

  • Type

[100% Arabica - Blend]

  • Starch/acid

[Medium strong, slightly acidic]

  • taste

[Notes of yellow fruits, chocolate]

  • Origin

[Central and South America]

  • mounting height

[1,000 - 1,600m]

  • Process


  • variety

[Castillo, Catimor, Colombia, Yellow, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo]


What’s special about our House Blend filter coffee


Is normal too boring for you? Then the HOUSE BLEND from CAPTN Coffee is just right for you. It combines different high-quality coffee bean origins to create a unique composition.

Central and South America

Our HOUSE BLEND impresses with a balanced blend of very high-quality 100% Arabica highland coffee from Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia. This composition combines the best from the most popular and well-known coffee growing regions of Central and South America.

Traditionally roasted and well tolerated

Our HOUSE BLEND filter coffee owes its full-bodied taste to a traditional roasting process. The coffee beans are roasted for a long time in a drum roasting facility in Hamburg, i.e. between
16-20 minutes.