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Hario Kanne V60 Range Server 600ml Glas
Hario Kanne mit Kaffee gefüllt
Hario Kanne V60 Range beim Ausschenken

Hario Kanne V60 Range Server 600ml Glass Gr. 02, XGS-60TB

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Hario Glass Jug V60 Range Server 600ml Clear Gr. 02, XGS-60TB


      • Model: Hario V60 Range Server Gr. 02, XGS-60TB
      • Material: glass
      • Capacity: 2 - 5 cups
      • Weight: 654 g
      • Functions: suitable for microwave use, heat-resistant
      • Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 130 x 130 x 152 mm
      • Country of manufacture: Japan
      • Scope of delivery: glass coffee pot