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DECAF Filterkaffee ohne Koffein
DECAF Filterkaffee ohne Koffein
DECAF Mexiko Filterkaffee ohne Koffein
DECAF Filterkaffee mit Kaffeebecher
DECAF Filterkaffee Mexiko

DECAF Mexico Coffee Decaffeinated - Mild, Milk Chocolate

CAPTN Coffee
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This DECAF Mexico filter coffee is a single origin made from 100% Arabica beans and comes from the Chiapas growing region. Before roasting, the coffee beans for our DECAF are decaffeinated purely biologically using carbon dioxide and without any use of chemical solvents. The ingredients that are responsible for the taste and aroma are fully retained.

  • roasting

[coffee roasting]

  • Type

[100% Arabica - Single Origin]

  • Starch/acid

[Mild, Without Acid]

  • taste

[milk chocolate]

  • Origin


  • mounting height


  • growing region


  • Cooperative


  • Process


  • variety

[Caturra, Bourbon, Tipica]