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Arkel Coast Espressomaschine
Arkel Coast Espressomaschine
Arkel Coast Espressomaschine
Arkel Coast Espressomaschine
Arkel Coast Espressomaschine
Arkel Coast Espressomaschine

Arkel Coast Espresso Machine

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Arkel Coast Espresso Machine

Please note that the delivery time for the item is not 7-10 working days as stated. The Arkel Coast is expected to be available within 6-8 weeks of receiving your order. As soon as an estimated delivery date is known, we will let you know.

Introducing Coast – Arkel's espresso machine for discerning home baristas. This powerful machine is the perfect combination of tradition and technology to give you a brewing experience that exceeds your highest expectations.

The Arkel Coast espresso machine is made entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with a precise PID controller for the brewing temperature. Program your perfect cup of espresso with ease using the buttons on the front. At its heart is the flow control mechanism - a lever that allows you to vary the pressure during the shot and thus refine the extraction. The result: an espresso that is tailored to your taste. The Coast espresso machine not only offers outstanding performance, but also the highest level of convenience. With the option of adding water directly to the cup, you will experience a smooth preparation of Americano. The integrated shot light also ensures a comfortable brewing experience in all conditions.

Arkel, a renowned manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience from Porto, aims to offer every barista an uncompromising brewing experience at home. At Arkel, sustainability is a top priority. The Coast is made from durable parts and materials and is designed to last a lifetime. The machines are assembled by hand in Porto, with over 95% of the components manufactured in Europe to avoid unnecessary transport around the world.

    Technical data of the Arkel Coast:

    • Model: Coast
    • Manufacturer: Arkel
    • Heating system: Dual boiler stainless steel
    • Temperature control: PID with configurable brewing temperature via touchscreen
    • Flow/pressure control during shot: yes
    • Portafilter diameter: 58 mm
    • Steam lance: yes
    • Shot Light: yes
    • Shot timer and counter: yes
    • Programmable shot dosage: yes, time-dependent
    • Programmable Americano dosage: yes, time-dependent
    • Energy saving mode: yes
    • Separate hot water connection: yes
    • Programmable brewing temperature: yes
    • Pre-infusion: yes (manual and automatic)
    • Number of brewing units: 1
    • Water tank volume: 2.5 l
    • Automatic cleaning program: yes (cleaning and descaling)
    • Limescale filter: yes (Brita)
    • Heating time: < 6 min
    • Pump type: 2x vibration pump (Olab silent)
    • Adjustable pump pressure (OPV): yes, next to the water tank
    • Pump pressure (standard): 9 bar
    • Pump pressure (max): 15 bar
    • Pressure relief valve: yes, adjustable via screw
    • Pressure gauge: yes, for brewing and steam
    • Power: 3,100 W
    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Height adjustable feet: yes
    • Product weight: 23 kg
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 378 mm x 406 mm x 404 mm
    • Scope of delivery: Arkel Coast espresso machine, 58 mm portafilter, 3 sieve inserts (single, double, blind), power cable