How do I prepare perfect coffee in the hand filter?

You want clear and strong aromas when enjoying coffee? Then you've come to the right place when preparing with the hand filter.

With this technique, you can prepare a full-bodied and well-balanced coffee in just a few steps - and with good reason.

Because brewing puts you in control of all the important factors that go into delicious results. These include the amount of coffee, water temperature and evenness when pouring.

In 6 steps to enjoying coffee with the hand filter

1. The grind

In order for your favorite coffee to develop its full aroma, it is important that the beans are ground to a medium degree. Our filter coffee from Guatemala, for example, is perfect for preparation with the hand filter.

2. The right temperature

The water temperature has a big impact on the taste of your coffee. Make sure that you never pour boiling water when preparing with the hand filter. The optimal temperature is 92-96 degrees. If the water is hotter, the coffee quickly tastes bitter or even acrid. If it is below 85 degrees, it can taste watery to sour. A tip: let the water sit for about a minute after boiling - then it will have the perfect temperature.

3. Insert paper filter

Now insert the paper filter into the hand filter. To remove a slight taste of the paper filter, rinse it with boiled water and then pour the water out again.

4. Bring on the coffee

Now you can fill the freshly ground coffee into the paper filter. You are free to choose the dosage. However, it is recommended to use 32 grams of coffee for 500 ml of water.

5. The blooming

In this step, you first moisten the coffee powder with water until it is completely covered. Then wait 30 seconds for the coffee to swell. Experts refer to this process as "blooming". Small bubbles escape, which are gases that escape from the coffee. The coffee powder soaks up the water, which promotes extraction.

6. The Aufguss 2.0

After blooming, pour more water in a circular motion. Then add a thin stream of water to keep the water level in the hand filter. If you have chosen a medium degree of grinding, you can enjoy your coffee after just 3-4 minutes.

And now enjoy!

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