espresso maker

espresso maker

The preparation with the espresso maker, also known as the stovetop jug, brings Italian flair to the coffee cup. Depending on the cooker, you have the choice between coffee beans and espresso beans. In order to conjure up a delicious mocha, there are a few mistakes to avoid - and we'll tell you how to avoid them.

In 3 steps to enjoying coffee with the espresso maker

1. Pre-boil water

For a great taste, preheat the water. If you heat the pot directly on the stove, there may be a slightly metallic aftertaste.

2. Grind coffee

The coffee for the espresso maker is slightly coarser than for the espresso machine. The optimal degree of grinding lies between that for fine espresso and that for hand filters. Grind enough ground coffee to fill the entire filter. Now pour the preheated water into the water tank, just below the valve. Then insert the filter and fill it completely with coffee. But be careful: Do not press the ground coffee!

3. The preparation

Now place the espresso maker on the stove and prepare it over medium heat. Temperatures that are too high will burn the coffee and leave a bitter aftertaste. Be sure to stay at the stove, as the coffee is ready to drink after just a few minutes. As soon as you hear a bubbling, hissing sound, take the pot directly from the stove - et voilà, the espresso pleasure is ready.

Portafilter machine

It's not for nothing that there are barista seminars where you learn how to prepare coffee with a portafilter machine. But even newcomers can prepare the coffee specialties with an espresso machine in just a few steps.

In 4 steps to enjoying espresso with the portafilter machine

1. Prepare

Since coffee is sensitive to temperature changes, you should preheat the cups. Many espresso machines have a hot water dispenser that is suitable for this. Another point that you should consider before preparation is the following: Knock out the coffee grounds and clean the portafilter, ideally with a clean cloth. So nothing stands in the way of aromatic enjoyment.

2. The perfect grind

Finely ground coffee powder is best, which you fill in slightly heaped into the Siegerträger. 16-18 grams of espresso is ideal. For filling, it is best to take your index finger and stroke the edge of the portafilter without pressure to create a perfect surface.

3. The "roping"

Tamping is the squeezing of the espresso coffee powder in the portafilter with a metal tamper. To do this, apply 15-20 kilograms of pressure evenly to the portafilter to solidify the powder well and achieve a uniform result.

4. The right preparation

Before you insert the portafilter, the group head should be cleaned. To do this, let the hot water wash away any coffee residue for three seconds. Now place the cup under the carrier opening and wait a few seconds. A perfect espresso takes about 25 to 35 seconds - and you can already enjoy the finest coffee.

Filter coffee machine

The filter coffee machine is one of the classics when it comes to coffee preparation and therefore does not need a longer description. The only important thing is the correct dosage: calculate one teaspoon of ground coffee per cup. If you like it a little stronger, you can also easily stack it.