How does the preparation work in the Chemex?

This coffee preparation is almost historical: As early as 1939, the German engineer Peter Schlumbohm, who had emigrated, developed the Chemex carafes. The decanter looks super stylish and can be admired in New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

But the design classic doesn't just score in terms of looks - the prepared coffee is characterized by a clear aroma.

Zubereitung von Kaffee mit einer Chemex

In 5 steps to enjoying coffee with the Chemex

1. The right degree of grinding

For a perfect enjoyment experience, you should grind the coffee for the Chemex to a medium to slightly coarse setting. It should remind you of table salt in texture. The optimal extraction time is 4 to 5 minutes. If brewing takes much longer, the coffee can taste slightly burnt. If it lasts much less than 3 minutes, the coffee tends to be too thin and weak in aroma. Therefore: The more coffee powder you use, the coarser the grind should be.

2. Insert filter

There are special Chemex filters that have finer pores and are thicker than conventional filters. This allows more sediments and oils to be filtered out, which makes for the exceptional taste. The filters withstand the escaping hot steam and do not block the pouring spout of the carafe. In contrast to conventional filters, the Chemex filters are tapered at the bottom and facilitate a more even extraction. Insert the pre-pleated Chemex filter into the funnel of the pitcher with the three-ply side facing forward. Now flush some hot water through the filter to remove the inherent taste of the paper. At the same time you preheat the pot. Then pour out the water.

3. The right coffee dosage

For the best flavor experience, use 38 grams of ground coffee for a 600 milliliter Chemex and 48 grams for an 800 milliliter carafe. Put the powder in the slightly damp paper filter and shake the jug so that the powder is evenly distributed.

4. The infusion

After the water has boiled, wait 30-60 seconds for it to reach the optimal infusion temperature of 96 degrees. Now pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over the coffee powder until all of the powder is soaked. However, in such a way that as little coffee as possible drips through the filter. This allows the coffee to begin to swell and later spread more evenly. Now pour hot water.

5. Mixing of the coffee

It is best to pour the water in such a way that it can run through completely and the extraction is not started. Once all the water has gone through, the coffee should be fairly evenly distributed in the filter. Remove the filter and swirl the carafe around so that the coffee is evenly distributed. And you can enjoy your aromatic coffee.

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