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The inventor behind the on-the-go espresso machine

Founded in 2013, Wacaco is a Hong Kong-based startup for camping and travel coffee makers. The company was originally started as a private project to develop a small, light and practical espresso machine. Today it sells its coffee accessories worldwide.

Hugo Cailleton, founder of Wacaco and studied industrial design, was involved in the manufacture of espresso machines for home use for many years before he began developing the Minipresso. The idea of ​​the portable espresso machine for making coffee drinks on the go came to him one morning during a business trip after being let down by a bad espresso at a hotel. At home he began checking available offers, buying and testing samples.
But none of these products met his expectations. They were too heavy, had poor extraction results, the temperature was too low, and they were overpriced for their occasional use. Motivated, the inventor set out to develop a compact and portable device according to his ideas, which could brew good espresso anywhere and at low cost. He had many challenges to face and problems to solve, but he knew there had to be a better solution.

The spirit of the company

The way to the device of his imagination was not easy to reach - as so often. Over ten prototypes were built to test different mechanisms, coffee extraction, product interaction and design. The feedback from friends, test groups and coffee experts was carefully recorded and evaluated. Some features were added, others were removed and had to go back to the drawing board more than a few times.
With perseverance and hard work, the conception has come a long way and the Minipresso has finally come close to expectations. Twenty months after the trip that changed Hugo's everyday life, the injection molds were made. Today, the Minipresso is a dream come true that anyone can hold in their hands.
So the Wacaco company is proud to be able to offer its customers a unique portable espesso machine, made of sturdy materials to withstand shocks. An innovative creation, durable, built to prepare authentic coffee drinks.

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