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Timemore Ice Drip Coffee Maker Set, matt transparent

Timemore Ice Drip Coffee Maker Set, Matte Clear

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Timemore Ice Drip Coffee Maker Set, Matt Transparent

    Simple design continues Timemore's modern minimalist style. Easy to operate with water valve adjusters and precise drip speed control to ensure the effect of slow suction.
    High light transmittance, good temperature resistance, safe to use.
    The ice extraction makes the coffee tasteful. Coffee lover's summer favorite. Make your own Ice Dripped Coffee at home.


      • Model: Timemore Ice Dripper Set
      • Material: borosilicate glass, aluminium, stainless steel mesh insert
      • Capacity: 450ml
      • Weight: -- g
      • Dimensions (H): 29.5 mm
      • Country of manufacture: China
      • Scope of delivery: Ice Dripper Set with replacement filters