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Para Ela Filterkaffee Tüten CAPTN Coffee
Aerobic Fermentation mit Ananas

Para Ela project coffee whole bean 250g - LAST CHANCE

CAPTN Coffee
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The Para Ela project coffee is a single origin made from 100% Arabica beans and comes from the Cerrado Mineiro growing region, Minas Gerais in Brazil. The attachment height is 1,280 m.

The special thing about this microlot coffee is that it was hand-picked and sorted exclusively by women as part of the Para Ela social project. As part of the project, women in Campos Altos receive financial support.

  • Roasting

[Filter coffee roasting]

  • Type

[100% Arabica - Single Origin]

  • Starch/Acid

[balanced body, citric acid]

  • taste

[molasses, citrus, pineapple, brown sugar]

  • Origin


  • mounting height


  • Farm

[Fazenda Mirante, Campos Altos]

  • Process

[Honey Process, 68 hour aerobic fermentation with pineapple]

  • Variety

[Yellow Topazio]

  • Roasting date: 04/19/2022

You can find more information about our project coffee and the Para Ela project here.