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MEXIKO Espresso im Kraftpapier-Kaffeebeutel
Offener Kaffeebeutel mit Bohnen
Kaffeebeutel mit Bohnen und Espresso in der Tasse
MEXIKO Espresso Etikett mit Informationen

MEXICO Mild espresso, minimal acidity, hazelnut, delicately spicy

CAPTN Coffee
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  • Espresso Roasting
  • 100% Arabica, Single Origin
  • Mild aroma, delicately spicy
  • Notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut
  • Country of origin: Mexico
  • Fully automatic machines, espresso and portafilter machines, espresso maker

    Mexiko Espresso Ganze Bohnen

    CAPTN Coffee - Hand Crafted Coffee.

    There's nothing like a freshly made espresso in the morning! With CAPTN Coffee you experience the full taste of 100% Arabica beans every day. The directly traded beans from Mexico are finely flavored and captivate with a mild aroma. Particularly tasty: You can taste fine chocolate nuances. Simply delicious - and not just for gourmets.

    Traded directly and fairly.

    In addition to its great aroma, the cultivation of the coffee beans speaks for itself. At an altitude of 1,400 to 1,800 m, the high-quality MEXICO coffee is organically grown by small farmers from the cooperative Unión de Cafeticultores del Norte de Chiapas con nuestro nombre comercial (UCANOCH for short) in the Chiapas region. This is a coffee farmers' association that gives coffee farmers the opportunity to manage and market their high-quality coffee at fair prices themselves. We give it a thumbs up for that alone! Farmers are regularly given gifts such as pickaxes, shovels and machetes to help them work in the fields. The beans are hand picked, washed and sun dried.

    Traditionally roasted and gentle on the stomach.

    So that the flavor can develop fully, the coffee beans are roasted for a long time (16-20 minutes) in a traditional drum roasting plant in Hamburg. Last but not least: Each coffee bag is lovingly hand-packed and delivered fresh to your home.

    The benefits of CAPTN Coffee

    100% Arabica - Single Origin

    Traded directly and sustainably

    Carefully drum-roasted and hand-packed