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Eureka Mignon Crono coffee grinder 15BL

Eureka Mignon Crono coffee grinder 15BL

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Eureka Mignon Crono coffee grinder with disc grinder (50 mm) and grind-on-time function

With the Mignon Crono coffee grinder, the traditional Italian brand Eureka offers a novelty for filter coffee enthusiasts with a grind-on-time function. This grinder is equipped with a 50 mm disc grinder and runs at 1,350 revolutions (310 W) per minute. The manual reference can be reached via a button on the side of the Eureka Crono. In addition, the grinder offers a 300 g bean container and a 160 g collection container, which has a special anti-static system that prevents clumping and electrostatic charging of the ground coffee.

  • 50 mm hardened steel disc grinder
  • Timer function (grind-on-time) 5-60 sec.
  • Special anti-static system
  • Infinitely adjustable using the rotary wheel
  • 1,350 revolutions per minute
  • manual reference via button on the side
  • 300 g bean container
  • 160 g container for grist
  • Grinding speed 1.5-2.1 sec. (Brew)
  • Dimensions height (H) x width (W) x depth (D): 350 x 120 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg