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Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle elektrisch (All Purpose)
Baratza Forté AP Espressomühle
Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle elektrisch Mahlring
Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle elektrisch Bohnenbehälter
Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle elektrisch mit Verschluss
Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle elektrisch Porter für Espresso
Reinigungsbürste für Baratza Forté AP Kaffeemühle

Baratza Forté AP coffee grinder electric (All Purpose)

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    Baratza Forté AP (All Purpose) electric coffee grinder

    The electric coffee and espresso grinder Baratza Forté-AP is the top model from Baratza - the well-known American manufacturer of high-quality household grinders. The Forté is of extremely high quality, intuitive to use and offers optimal grinding performance.

    The housing, which is made entirely of stainless steel in both versions, offers great stability and ensures the longevity of the grinder. Both the Forté AP and the Forté BG have 54 mm disc grinders, but while the AP is made of ceramic, the BG has a steel grinder.

    The Forté AP is better suited for finer espresso grinds, while the Forté BG offers a longer shelf life when grinding filter coffee. Up to 260 degrees of grinding can be set and reproduced extremely precisely via a micro and a macro setting. This makes the Baratz Forté very well suited as an all-rounder for frequent bean changes.

    There are 3 individually programmable presets for grind-on-time and grind-on-demand. When using the timer, the grinder grinds a very consistent amount, which ensures very even results in terms of coffee taste in everyday life. The design of the grinder minimizes the coffee residues in the grinder (also called dead space) and the clear, intuitive display completes the picture of the high-end grinder.


    Technical data:

    • Grinder: 54-mm, disc grinder
    • Grinding speed: 2.0 - 3.7 g/sec
    • Grinding degrees: 260
    • Suitable for espresso: yes
    • Suitable for filter coffee: yes (fine filter grind)
    • Portafilter insert: yes
    • Size of the bean container: 400 g
    • Grind on Time: yes
    • Grind on Weight: yes
    • Housing material: stainless steel
    • Power: 240 W
    • Weight: 6,000 g
    • Dimensions: W 300 x H 360 x D 180 mm
    • Power connection: 230 V
    • Article number: 1085-230V