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AeroPress Coffee Maker Kaffeebereiter, inkl. 350 Filtern - B-Ware

AeroPress Coffee Maker coffee maker, incl. 350 filters - B-stock

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AeroPress coffee maker incl. 350 filters - coffee maker for on the go - B-stock

This device is unused B-stock. The goods were never used and were only unpacked for inspection. Aeropress is delivered in the original packaging and complete.

Product description

The AeroPress is a revolutionary new way to brew perfect coffee every time. It really is so easy to use that after purchasing an AeroPress you won't want to use instant coffee or more expensive coffee makers.

The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure and produces a smooth, acidic flavor with no bitterness. Other coffee makers drip hot water onto a bed of ground coffee, resulting in over-extraction in the center and extraction of aroma around the edges, but the AeroPress brewing system results in an even extraction for the ultimate coffee flavor.

The AeroPress comes with a full instruction manual. just add your coffee and water!

Scope of delivery

  • AeroPress incl. 350 paper filters
  • Storage vessel for paper filters
  • Funnel for coffee filling
  • Coffee spoons with fill level markings (8 g and 10 g)
  • Stirring Stick
  • Available with and without bag