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How do I use an Aeropress?

Preparation with the Aeropress is still relatively new. Coffee lovers have only been able to make their morning coffee since 2006 with the invention of the US company Aerobie. There are two preparation methods, of which we will take a closer look at the classic one below.

Zubereitung mit einer AeroPress

In 5 steps to enjoying coffee with the Aeropress

1. The perfect grind

A medium to fine grind is ideal so that the coffee aromas are best contained. The finer the grind, the more important it is that you let the water cool down and not let it steep for too long. Otherwise there is a risk that too many bitter substances will escape.

2. Assemble Aeropress

Before you insert the filter, first rinse it with hot water to remove the slight taste of the paper. Now assemble the Aeropress. The plunger is inserted into the brewing cylinder from below. For orientation: The number inscriptions of both elements are then upside down. Push the plunger in so far that the rubber seal reaches just below the "4 mark" on the cylinder.

3. The right dosage

To make a 200 milliliter cup in the Aeropress, use 16 grams of ground coffee. Once the water has boiled, let it cool for a minute so it reaches 90 degrees. Since the coffee is completely dissolved in the water, you should be using slightly cooler water than with other coffee makers. Now fill the Aeropress with about three quarters of water.

4. The infusion

Stir the coffee evenly so that the coffee is well distributed in the water. Now enjoy the remaining water until the Aeropress is completely filled. Before you open the filter and close the Aeropress, wait another half minute. Then quickly turn the Aeropress over and place it on your cup, for example.

5. Coffee preparation

Now push down the plunger slowly and with even pressure. Pressing down should take about 30 seconds. As soon as the black gold has run through, you can already enjoy it.

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